In House Casino Parties and Poker Nights

If you want to have a party to remember, then contact Casino Night Madison. We are an event planning company that offers services for Fitchburg and Sun Prairie WI. With our expertise, we are able to convert any home or office into a casino for your special event. People are often bored by traditional office gatherings. Liven things up with the help of Casino Night Madison. Don’t torment your employees with another office party, throw a casino night with a poker and blackjack table. Let them know that you appreciate their hard work and that they deserve to have a little bit of fun.

Our services are not limited to your office; we also offer casino events at home. If you are thinking of something spectacular to do for birthdays, bachelor, or other house parties then look no further than our company. When you recruit us for your next celebration, we provide you with all the equipment and staff needed for your Vegas style celebration.

Madison Casino Events

The services that we provide allow you to sit back as we set up for your special occasion. No need to waste energy or time setting up poker tables or hiring attendees. We also will set up all of your gaming machines, while your focus your attention on other things. If you want your party to start at 8 pm, then your guests will be able to start playing at exactly 8 pm. There is no time to wait around for the party to begin. Your casino night party will be available to you whenever you would like for it to start.

In addition to helping you to save time and energy, we can also assist you in saving money. A single trip to Vegas can cost your thousands of dollars due to the expensive hotels, transportation, and food. Recruiting us for your Vegas style party will cost you a fraction of what you will spend to have fun in Las Vegas. Don’t worry about your poker dealers for your poker night being inexperienced, all of our employees have been properly trained to make sure that you have a Vegas like experience. Our attendees will not show up at your party to entertainers but to serve you as blackjack or blackjack dealers.

If you are in the Fitchburg and Sun Prairie WI area and wish to have a party that will be remembered for years then contact Casino Night Madison today. We are able to accommodate event type or size.


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